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Reports and Presentations

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Review of Long Island Power Authority’s Preparedness and Response to Hurricane Irene

Drabinski Direct Testimony IATAN 2 redacted

Kansas City Star Article 09-08-10

IATAN 2 In-Service Criteria

Mill Creek 10-10 Qtr Report

Project Management Process

Compliance Audit of Duke Energy Ohio

Performance Audit of Entergy Mississippi Inc., Fuel Procurement and Fuel Adjustment Clause

Performance Audit of The Integrated Utility Holding and its Subsidiaries

Consolidated Edison Electric Emergency Outage Response Program

Government Auditing Standards “Yellow Book” 2003 Revision

Delmarva SOS RFP Process

Qwest CPAP 2004 Annual Audit

Kentucky BellSouth TRP Plan 2004 Update

Seattle City Light Financial Governance Review

Pacific Gas and Electric Affiliate Audit 2005

Pacific Gas and Electric Affiliate Audit 2004

Pacific Gas and Electric Affiliate Audit 2003

Operational Audit of the California ISO 

PSEG Affiliate Audit   

California Verizon Surcharge Exam

Kentucky BellSouth Price Regulation Plan – 2002

Commonwealth Edison Reliability Study

Duquesne Light Company Management Audit

Pacific Bell Claims Review

DPL Reconciliation Rider Audit Final Report 10-6 PDF Redacted

Grayson REC Management Audit Final Report 2-2-20 VEC Final

Horizon West Affilate Audit Final Report 4-27-21

Transbay Cable Affiliate Audit Report