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Vantage Energy Consulting, LLC is a management consulting firm with general offices located in Cudjoe Key, Florida.  For eighteen years, Vantage consultants have provided services in all business aspects of electric, gas, telecommunications, and water utilities, with particular expertise in utility strategic,operating, performance and financial functions.  Vantage and its consultants have conducted comprehensive and focused management audits of over one hundred utilities, and provided direct strategic and operational consulting to many others.  Our clients consist of utilities, state and federal regulators, law firms, environmental groups, developers, and public interest organizations.  We treat every client with great respect and provide balanced, professional and sustainable recommendations to each.


The Vantage Team consists of highly experienced, trained consultants, covering virtually all functional work areas associated with utility infrastructure.  Vantage is staffed by a total of 20 full-time and contract consultants and administrative staff.  Consultants have a diverse set of backgrounds, including engineering, accounting, economics, finance, chemistry, and psychology.  Our average consultant has over 25 years of functional and consulting experience.



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