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Environmental Performance Opportunities

Environmental performance must promote the business opportunities which exist and minimize liability risks through proactive practices. A manager’s environmental performance must be linked to the utility planning process in a quantifiable and measurable manner.


Utility operations are regulated by federal and state environmental requirements which result in an annual outlay of billions of dollars by the industry to meet compliance levels. New equipment installations, enhancements, and changes in regulatory policies make up a greater share of operating expenses. These environmental activities and programs are ongoing, continuous, and becoming more stringent. Utility operating costs have increased significantly due to these environmental requirements, but utilities are rarely given any credit for the success of their programs. Utilities are also at fault because they do not seize the opportunity to promote their environmental accomplishments. This fact should not be surprising based on the traditional utility’s perception that environmental compliance is a direct cost, not benefit, to the company. Competition within the utility industry dictates that performance measurements be established and integrated within the overall business process. Managers should celebrate in the success of company environmental performance by incentives or be held accountable for practices which do not meet standards.

Product Features

Utilities will continue to compete in all operational areas, and environmental performance is a very visible issue and a valuable measure of success. Environmental achievement will ultimately be measured by companies who take the lead in developing performance standards and applying them within their economic and competitive practices. There are methods which can be used to develop benchmarks and establish weighted criteria as a gauge of company environmental performance.

Environmental Performance Objectives

Employee Performance Measurement

Performance Tied to Company Mission

Environmental Accomplishment Promotion

Product Benefits

Utilities will continue to compete in all operational areas, and environmental performance is a very visible issue and a valuable measure of success. Customers want their utilities to maintain the environmental quality within their backyard and, in many cases, will remain loyal or pay a premium for successful stewardship.

Performance Index customized

Target benchmarks established

Incremental improvements measured and documented

Employees understand role in Company mission

Customer loyalty enhanced

Public perception opportunit

Vantage Approach

Our consultants work with utility managers to develop activities and opportunities indexed to internal and external benchmarks which assure that quantity and quality measures are continually employed, updated and linked to the strategic plan. The activities will be incorporated into the business planning process to establish value and superior performance and compensation. These topics provide a menu of environmental opportunities for individuals, generating stations, and corporate-wide:

Organization Performance – Establish performance criteria to assess environmental department structure, performance, and corporate culture impact.

Environmental Management (ISO 14000) – Formalize the implementation and audit of environmental corporate policies and procedures to ensure conformity.

Emerging Issues Overview – Provide proactive recommendations for internal and external strategies related to regulated and non-regulated activities.

Environmental Emissions Balance Strategy – Develop a methodology to assess and balance the impact of overlapping environmental issues or emissions.

NOx Emission Strategy – Develop a NOx emission credit banking and trading program which establishes economic and operational cost advantages.

Environmental Performance Index – Develop benchmarks for current environmental indicators and establish quantifiable criteria improvement.

Green Strategies – Recommend customer focused environmentally aesthetic quality programs which promote utility activities and visibility.

Hazardous Air Pollutants Analysis – Analyze the impacts of this future regulatory requirement based upon utility generating stations and operations.

Database Management System Due Diligence – Develop a framework to document current and future reporting requirements which minimizes liability.

Root Cause Evaluations – Evaluate causes and suggest improvements for environmental multi-media non-compliance monitoring information.