Strategic and Organizational Planning

Corporate Organizational Assessments and Business Plan Development

Marketing Plan Development and Assessment

Energy Service Company Market Opportunities

Regional Wholesale Power Competition

Utility Regulatory Issues

Develop/Monitor/Evaluate PBR and Incentive Ratemaking

Telco Price Regulation Plans

Utility Competition and Restructuring Analysis

Energy Policy Act Review & Strategies

Tariff & Rate Strategy (Electric & Gas)

Focused & Comprehensive Management Audits

Power Generation

Plant Organization and Staffing

Plant Economics

Plant Maintenance

Performance Enhancement

Fuels Management

Human Resources/Labor Management

Diversity/Affirmative Action Programs

Job Process Analysis

Pay Structuring and Flexible Labor Contracts

Skills and Knowledge-Based Training

Mutual Gains and Continuous Improvement Programs

Electric and Gas Retail Operations

Management and Business Process Performance Assessments

Retail Marketing Strategy Development and Implementation Support

Work Management System Design and Implementation Support

Environmental Compliance and Strategies

CAA Strategies (Titles I-XI)

Economic Analysis of Environmental Strategy Alternatives

Environmental Performance Assessment

Environmental Control Technology Assessment

Emission Credit Inventory Database

Equipment/Plant Environmental Risk Assessment

Litigation Support

FERC Intervention

Energy Contract Analysis

Prudence Reviews and Support

Affiliate Rules/Code of Conduct Audits

Comprehensive Audits

Code of Conduct Preparation

Cost of Service Studies

Cost Allocation Rules


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