Dr. Howard J. Axelrod


Dr. Howard Axelrod has over 25 years of experience in utility planning, forecasting, and strategic regulatory and market analysis. With proficiencies in power systems planning, regulatory economics and marketing, he offers a multidisciplinary approach to assessing and solving complex energy issues. Having served on the New York Public Service Commission as special assistant to Chairman Alfred Kahn, and then appointed by Governor Cuomo as Director of the Consumer Protection Board’s Utility Intervention program, he has gained considerable insights into the needs of energy consumers and the protections they require, especially as the industry becomes less regulated.

Dr. Axelrod also has extensive knowledge of the regulatory initiatives which foster the restructuring the electric utility industry in the New England, New York and PJM regions. He is an active participant in New York’s Competitive Opportunities proceeding having served on several committees including the stranded cost computation and recovery, Independent System Operator and Market Power Committees. In New Hampshire, he participated in the state’s Retail Pilot Project and helped a major New York utility prepare of its market entry in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. As a consultant to the FERC, he supported the development of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Mega-NOPR (FERC Order 888 and 889) for which he analyzed emerging transmission technologies that would enhance competition and also developed the industry structure scenarios used to assess a the environmental impact of a competitive energy market.

Dr. Axelrod is currently working for a mid-west utility to develop an ESCO, a PJM electric utility prepare its restructuring plan, and as a senior advisor to the president of Ameritech (the Mid-west "Baby Bell") develop cutting edge value added consumer products and services that will complement the introduction of retail electric competition. Finally, Dr. Axelrod has participated in a number of commission sponsored management audits with a focus on executive management, strategic planning and marketing.

Dr. Axelrod has previously served in a number of regulatory and independent consultant positions. He held the position of Vice President for the regulatory strategy groups of R.J. Rudden Associates and Planmetrics, Inc. Prior to these positions, he was appointed to Director of Utility Intervention for the New York State Consumer Protection Board. He also served as a Project Manager for the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority and Senior Research Analyst for the New York State Public Service Commission.


Ph.D. - Managerial Economics , Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York

M.B.A. - Organizational Theory and Marketing, State University of New York, Albany

M.S.E.E. - Power Systems, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts

B.S.E.E. - Power Systems, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts

Selected Consulting Experience

Industry Restructuring

Supported the FERC in the development of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Mega-NOPR (FERC Order 888 and 889).

Participated the development of New Hampshire’s Retail Pilot Project and helped a major utility prepare for its market entry into the area.

Developed strategic plans for a number of utilities across the country.

Provided strategic planning support for a Natural Gas Vehicle program, and served as an expert witness in support of the proposed NGV rate recovery mechanism for Brooklyn Union Gas.

Corporate Planning

Supported or lead the development of a over a dozen utility company's integrated resource plan and/or its demand - side management programs.

Review all aspects of a number of utilities executive management and corporate planning functions such as Louisville Gas & Electric and Kentucky Utilities.

Supported focused analysis of decommissioning plans, power pool relations and transmission interconnects for Georgia Power.

Provided executive oversight of investigations related to distribution reliability for PUC of the Niagara Mohawk Power system.

Performed an internal investigation of a company's "need for power" associated with nuclear plants for Northeast Utilities.


Supported the review of gas and electric marketing activities for a number of utilities and provided recommendations for moving towards competition.

Development of strategic gas marketing plans which included the reorganization of the marketing department; the development of an integrated planning team; and the facilitation of strategic planning sessions addressing marketing tactics, competitive market strengths and weaknesses, and technology assessments for Kansas Power & Light.

Supported the Executive Management and Corporate planning assessment acting as a Task Leader for focused analysis of power supply planning, bulk power marketing, energy forecasting, and load management for PP&L.

Selected Clients

Northeast Utilities

Pennsylvania Power & Light Company

Boston Edison

Louisville Gas & Electric Company

New York State Electric & Gas

Western Resources

Public Service Electric & Gas Company

Commonwealth Edison

Orange & Rockland

Georgia Power

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