Recent Projects

Vantage has been very active in a number of areas which address the critical issues facing the electric utility industry as deregulation moves forward. We invite you to contact us if you would like a copy of our report for these projects.

Some of the recent project assignments include:

Public Service Electric & Gas Restructuring Plan

San Diego Gas & Electric Performance-Based Ratemaking

Duquesne Light Company Management and Operations Assessment

Entergy Affiliated Transactions Analysis

Kentucky Utilities - Louisville Gas & Electric Merger

Louisville Gas & Electric Management and Operations Assessment

California Utilities DSM Bidding Program

Monongahela Power Fuel Assessment

Kentucky Utilities Management and Operations Assessment

Dayton Power & Light Fuel Assessment

Pacific Gas & Electric Compressed Natural Gas Station Maintenance Review

East Kentucky Power Cooperative Fuel Assessment

Public Service Electric & Gas Environmental Planning

Philadelphia Suburban Water Work Management Assessment

Kentucky Bell South Price Regulation Plan  

California Verizon Surcharge  

Illinois Commonwealth Edison Final Report 

PSEG Affiliate Audit  


Other Utility Links

Listed for your convenience are links to utility related websites:

ElectricNet   OnLine Directory

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission


Library of Congress Home Page

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