Illinois Commonwealth Edison

The objective of this assignment was to investigate certain specific outages that occurred in Commonwealth Edison's ("ComEd") system during the July 30, 1999 to August 13, 1999 period.  This is to be the first stage of a three-stage investigation into ComEd's system reliability and deals only with the equipment failures during the study period and associated policies, procedures, communications and planning.  Vantage Consulting, Inc. ("Vantage") conducted the investigation in what we refer to as a matrix approach.  Vantage investigated each outage individually, with detailed forensics, where possible, and step by step details of the failures and the actions ComEd took in response.  Simultaneously, Vantage reviewed ComEd's key management processes that are fundamental to the successful operation of the system and minimization and mitigation of the outage problems.  Vantage validated ComEd's management processes with additional anecdotal examples from the specific outages.


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